The I'hin Race

The time of the habitation of Asu was eight thousand years; and they survived two thousand years after the time of the birth of the I‘hins, which is to say, Asu dwelt on the earth six thousand years, and then conceived of the chosen of God; and after that survived two thousand years more.

And Asu disappeared off the face of the earth.

But the sacred people, the I‘hins; and the carnivorous people, the Druks; remained on the earth.

The I‘hins were white and yellow, but the Druks were brown and black; the I‘hins were small and slender, but the Druks were tall and stout.198

Now, because the Druks had not previously obeyed the Lord, but went and dwelt with the asu‘ans, there was a half-breed race born on the earth, called YAK, signifying ground people; and they burrowed in the ground like beasts of the forest. And the Yaks did not walk wholly upright, but also went on all fours.199

God said: Because the Yaks cannot be taught the crime of incest, behold, they shall not dwell forever on the earth. So shall it also be with the Druks, except where they cohabit with the I‘hins, whose seed is born to everlasting life. But with the Druks, and their heirs that spring from the Yaks, there shall be an end, both in this world and the next.

And the arms of the Yaks were long, and their backs were stooped and curved. And the Lord said: Because they are the fruit of incest, and not capable of speech or eternal life in heaven, the I‘hins shall make servants of them.

And so that they may not tempt my chosen to bring forth fruit to destruction, they shall be neutralized in my sight. So the angels of God taught the I‘hins to make eunuchs of the Yaks. And after making eunuchs of both the male and female Yaks, the I‘hins took them for servants.

And the Lord said: The Yaks shall serve the I‘hins, and build and sow and reap for them. And it was so.

The I‘hins were disposed to live alone, but the Lord called them together, saying: Come and dwell together in cities. For it is fitting that you live in the manner of my kingdoms in heaven.

Build therefore, to the Lord your God; and my angels shall dwell with you, teaching you to sing and dance for the glory of your Creator.

And man built to the Lord, and established worship on earth in the manner of heaven.

Now it happened that the Druks came to witness the rites and ceremonies of the chosen, but they took no part in them, nor did they comprehend their meaning.

And God said to the I‘hins: So that you can teach some of them about the Lord your God, build within the house of worship an image of me; build it in likeness of man. And I will manifest to those who are capable of everlasting life.

And the I‘hins, men and women, with their servants, built images of stone and clay and wood to the Lord, and stood them by the altars of sacrifice.

And during the time of worship, the angels of the Lord came and possessed the idols, and spoke from them with audible voices in the presence of mortals.

And the Druks inquired of the I‘hins as to the cause. And the I‘hins said: Behold, there is a God in heaven, subtler than the air of heaven.200 It was he who brought us forth out of darkness. He speaks in the idol so that you may know he abides with his people.

The Druks said: What does he say? The I‘hins answered: That whoever has attained to remember God is on the way to everlasting life.

The Druks inquired, saying: How can a man live forever? Behold, you, who believe, also die!

The I‘hins answered, saying: As the voice of the Lord is unseen but potent, so is there a spirit in man unseen and potent, which shall never die, but ascend in heaven to habitations prepared by the Lord.

And many of the Druks pondered on these things, and their thoughts quickened their souls within them, so that they brought forth heirs to eternal salvation.

And the Lord said to the I‘hins: Because you have done a good thing, go abroad, by the roadsides and in other places, and build images to me and mine, and my angels shall bestow gifts, signs and miracles.

And the I‘hins supplied the roadways of the earth with idols of stone, wood and clay, and the angels of heaven descended to the idols and established heavenly kingdoms close by.

And when man came there, and called on the name of the Lord, it was a password for the angels; and they wrought201 miracles, and otherwise gave man evidence of the Unseen.

And God gave commandments to man, so that the earth could be a place of rejoicing forever. And these are the commandments of the Lord God given in that day:

You shall strive to remember the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

You shall not kill man, beast, bird, or creeping thing, for they are the Lord‘s.

You shall build walls around your cities, so that beasts and serpents may not enter and do you harm. And if your habitation is in the wilderness, you shall build mounds of wood and earth to sleep on at night, so that serpents and beasts cannot molest you.

The I‘hins inquired of the Lord, saying: If we build walls around our cities, how shall we get in and out? How shall we gather our harvests of fruit and nuts, and seeds of the field? How shall we ascend the mounds that we build in the wilderness?

The Lord said: Behold, my angels shall teach you to build ladders and how to use them. And when you go into the city at night you shall take the ladders in after you; and when you come out in the morning you shall let the ladders down again.

And God‘s angels taught the chosen these things, and man provided the cities and mounds with ladders; according to the commandment of God these things were done.

And the I‘hins prospered and spread over the face of the earth; hundreds of thousands of cities and mounds were built, and the I‘hins rejoiced in the glory of all created things. Neither did they kill any man, beast, fish, bird, nor creeping thing that breathed the breath of life.

And God saw that man was good and grateful in all things; and God called to the angels of heaven, saying: Why are the I‘hins good? For, as yet, they are ignorant!

And the angels answered, saying: They are good because you said to us: Go as guardian angels and inspire man to live without evil, || which we did; ministering to the I‘hins, guarding and inspiring them night and day.

God said: Well then, the I‘hins have no honor. Unless they learn by themselves to be good, they will be void of wisdom in heaven. For this reason you shall withdraw a little, so that man is tried as to his self-commandment.202

So the angels withdrew awhile from the I‘hins. Now the I‘hins had stored in their cities and on their mounds, ample provision of food and clothing for the winter; but the druks did not follow the example of the I‘hins, for the druks stored up nothing.

And when the angels withdrew a little way, evil spirits came to the druks, and said to them: Behold, it is winter, and you are hungry. Go over the ladders and possess the stores of the I‘hins.

So the druks plundered the I‘hins; and evil spirits came upon the I‘hins also, and many of them were inspired to defend their stores. And war ensued;203 and it spread around the whole earth.

And the I‘hins asked the Lord as to why God allowed evil to come upon his chosen.

And the Lord said: Because you depended upon me for all things, you did not develop yourselves. From now on, man shall learn to face evil on his own account; otherwise he cannot attain to the Godhead in heaven.

Your Creator has given you two entities, that which is flesh, and that which is spirit. And the flesh will desire earthly things; but the spirit will desire heavenly things.

Behold, when the druks came upon you for your stores, your flesh cried out WAR, and your people fell.

Now I have come again to raise you up; to make you understand the spirit within. It is that, and not the flesh, which shall learn to triumph.

The I‘hins said: Our people are scattered and gone; will they not mingle with the druks, and thus go out in darkness?

The Lord said: Behold there were druks who had learned a little from the images; now Thus, white skin here is not the color of what in early kosmon was called the white race (being really a light or pale copper, or beige), but it would seem that the white of the I‘hins was, in complexion, more a moon white. Moreover, being half angel, they may have had a more radiant or glowing skin tone, and a light in the eyes, compared to the druks.

So the Lord inspired other people besides the I‘hins, to make and wear clothes, which they did.

And again the Lord brought the I‘hins together in lodges and cities, and he said to them: From this time forward, you shall live upon the earth as an example of righteousness. And your brethren who have mingled with the tribes of darkness shall no longer molest you, but shall be your defenders and protectors.

And a new tribe began on the earth; and they were called I‘HUANS, because they were half-breeds between the Druks and I‘hins. The I‘huans were red like copper; and they were taller and stronger than any other people in the world. And the Lord commanded the I‘huans, saying:

Protect the I‘hins, the little people, white and yellow;204 call them THE SACRED PEOPLE. For you are of them, and you are also of the Lord your God. And it was so.