The Fall of The I'hin race (27,000 BK)

God, who was Neph, said: Hear my prayer, O E-O-IH! The earth and her heavens have gone down in darkness.

The I‘hin has been destroyed in all the divisions of the earth except Whaga.

More than thirty billion angels are gathered on the surface of the earth, and they are too low in grade to be delivered.

What shall Your God do, O Father?

Mortals are descending in breed and blood; they inhabit the earth as diseased vermin.

Their cities are destroyed, and they live in the manner of four-footed beasts.

The inspiration of Your God and his angels can no longer reach them.

When they die and enter these heavens they are like festering sores on one another, billions of them.

For three thousand years I have labored with them, but the abundance of their darkness outmatches Your God.

What shall I do with them, O Father! How shall Your God deliver so great a carcass of death?

But E-O-IH did not answer the prayer of God; left him to consult with other Gods in the higher heavens.

But in etherea, E-O-IH spoke to His Orian Chiefs, saying: As I try mortals, so do I try angels; as I try them, so do I try My Gods. Forever and ever I keep before them the testimony of AN ALL HIGHER.

|| Now on earth, it came about that the time of a generation of mortals had risen from twelve years to eighty years. Many mortals lived to be three hundred years old, and they had become very large, twice the size of men of this day.251 But they were without judgment and of little sense,252 and hardly knowing their own species. And they mingled together,253 relatives as well as others; so that idiocy and disease were the general fate of the tribes of men; but they were large, strong and prolific. ||

The following is the grade of declension in the heavens of the earth; that is, including when Kishalon had changed the period of generation from twelve years into the upper grades, namely:

Abner, seventh cycle, enduring three thousand two hundred years in Hastaf, etherean a‘ji seven, Hoe‘tan, grade ninety-nine.

Enseeni, Goddess of Marsef, etherea, dan of Gem, enduring three thousand years, grade ninety-three.

Boaz, God of Hom, Orian field, dan of Josh, enduring two thousand seven hundred years, grade eighty-eight.

Da‘ivi, Goddess of Wowitski in a‘ji thirty-six, dan of Ruth, enduring two thousand nine hundred years, grade eighty-two.

Lia‘mees, Goddess of War254 in Broek, dan forty, Orian field, Semsi, enduring three thousand years, grade seventy-seven.

Divi‘yas, God of Hut in Habak, ji‘ya twenty-two, Neth, enduring three thousand one hundred years, grade sixty-nine.

Roa‘yis‘yis, Goddess of Tamak, Bent, one of Hud‘du‘owts, enduring three thousand seven hundred years, grade sixty-one.

Yij, Chief of Orian field, Lud in Goo, dan seventy-four, enduring two thousand six hundred years, grade fifty-eight.

Gul‘yaniv, Chieftainess, Orian field, Ob‘Low in ji‘ya forty, enduring three thousand four hundred years, grade fifty-one.

From this time onward there was found no grade in the roadway of the solar phalanx (great serpent), sufficiently dense for the angels of the heavens of the earth.