The Submerged of the Continent of Pan

And now Aph, Son of E-O-IH, said: When the etherean hosts were arranged in due order, I called out to You, O E-O-IH, saying: In Your Strength and Wisdom, O Father, join the heavens above with the earth below!

And the end of the etherean column that extended to Chinvat, on the border of the vortex of the earth, was made secure by the pressure of Your wide heavens.

Again I said: In Your Strength and Wisdom, O E-O-IH, join the heavens above with the earth below!

And the end of the etherean column that extended down to the earth was made secure around the borders of Whaga, by the sea and the high mountains to the north.

Again I said: O E-O-IH, deliver the earth from evil, for Your glory, forever!

And the vortex of the earth closed in from the rim, and lo, the earth was broken! A mighty continent was cut loose from its fastenings, and the fires of the earth came forth in flames and clouds, with loud roaring. And the land rocked to and fro like a ship at sea.

Again I said: O E-O-IH, deliver Your heavens, which are bound like a chain, to a rotten carcass.

And again the vortex of the earth closed in on all sides, and by the pressure, the land sank beneath the water, to rise no more. And the corporeans went down to death; and the fetals and familiars gave up the battle; neither did they have anywhere to stand, nor did they know how to go to any place in all the heavens, but were lost and crying out for help.

And my hosts hastened in all directions with their birth-blankets, and received the druj, fetals and es‘yans, in the millions and millions; gathered and delivered them to the fountain of light, where I had provided atmosphere for them; and they were placed within. So great were their numbers, that even Gods had scarcely seen anything like it before; and in order to attest before You, O E-O-IH, I had them numbered, using the sections of the divisions of my Gods and Goddesses in order to do so.

Of druj and fetals, there were sixteen billion six hundred million. Many of these had lived on earth as fetals and druj for thousands of years, although many others of them were not capable of everlasting life. Next, of the first resurrection there were thirty-six billion; and of the second resurrection, three hundred and five million. But during the last hundred years, the earth brought forth no one capable of everlasting life except, indeed, the remnants of I‘hins.

Now when the earth was delivered, and there was no escape for the spirits of the dead, or any returning to mortals, I called out to You, O E-O-IH, saying: Give me of Your power, O E-O-IH, and I will carry up all the plateaus of hell and the heavens of the buried continent! And Your hand came like the blade of a sword, flaming like fire, and swept over the ocean of the sunken land, cleaving all asunder. And, lo and behold, the anchorage of my feet was cut loose, and the spheres of heaven at my command.

Your voice, O E-O-IH, came to me, saying: Descend, My Son, down to the floor of the resurrection; and go into the midst of the place of ascension, and take My Daughter, Fiatisi, with you, for I will add to your glory, the resurrection of all whom your eyes have seen.

So I descended; and there took Fiatisi, Daughter of E-O-IH, with me; and when we had come into the place commanded, Your power came upon the place, and it started upward; and soon it turned on its vertical axis and rose higher and higher, turning and rising; and we saw we were loose from the earth, and we no longer rotated with the earth, but rose slowly upward, watching the earth rotating beneath us.

I said: Upward, O E-O-IH! Upward, O E-O-IH! Upward, O E-O-IH! And all the hosts repeated the same words, for our wills and knowledge were as a unit, in which we had strength in You, our Creator!

E-O-IH spoke in the firmament, saying: Bring the newborn into the forests of Uk‘loo and the ji‘ay‘an roads to the arc of Noe, in the etherean heaven of Hautuon; and when you have established them on a world of their own, leave Gods and Goddesses with them, to sort them, and provide according to their necessities; for all things shall be provided to them in such a way that they can attain to knowledge and individuality.

And when you have placed them, hasten with My Son, Neph, back to the earth, where I have labor awaiting regarding the ships of the I‘hins. || And so, in that way, the newly born were delivered.

Then I (Aph) departed as soon as possible, taking leave of Fiatisi, thanking her for her assistance in this great deliverance. With me, I took Neph, Son of E-O-IH, and another thirty thousand Gods and Goddesses, besides ten million ethereans, who each had thousands of years‘ experience in heaven and on various corporeal worlds; and we came back to the earth, to the ocean where the land had gone down.

And when I came to the ships in which the I‘hins had escaped, finding the Gods who were in charge of them, even as I had previously commanded, Your voice, O E-O-IH, came to me, saying: Bend the currents of the winds of heaven, O My Son; shape the course of the ships so that they fall into groups; and you shall divide the groups, making four groups in all. And by the winds of heaven you shall drive the groups (fleets) of ships, and bring them to the four different lands of the earth, according to its previous history and adaptation.

For in all countries, My chosen shall begin laying down the foundation of My everlasting kingdom, and they shall never again be destroyed by the people of darkness of earth or heaven.295 ||

So according to the labor Your commandments put upon me, I divided my hosts, making four divisions of them. And I said to Neph: Direct them, O God, to those countries E-O-IH has shown you, for you know all the earth; remember, you are still God of earth.

God (Neph) said: By Your light, E-O-IH, I desire two ships to go to the north land, which was not sunk, for they shall be a testimony in time to come. Let Your Gods, therefore, shift the winds and drive two ships aside from the rest; and at the same time, my messengers will go and lead the way to the north land, in which direction Your Gods shall shape the winds of heaven.

Now those in charge of the wind currents divided the ships and drove two of them off to the northern land. And the Gods and angels turned the currents about and drove the four groups of ships in four different ways, according to the directions of God, Son of E-O-IH. The messengers of God led the way, showing the Gods and angels of the wind, the countries designated by E-O-IH.296

So it came to pass that in one hundred and fifty days, all the ships of the Faithists were in the ports; and the people went ashore, in the different countries where they had been taken. || Again Your voice, O E-O-IH, came to me, saying: Behold, My people are few in the world, and lest they take the ships and sail about, and so get divided and lost, you shall send your hosts down to the sea at night to sink the ships.

When I told God (Neph) what You had said, God said to me: My angels shall inspire the I‘hins to take all things out of the ships, and tonight your hosts shall fulfill the commandment of E-O-IH. || And so it happened; the I‘hins took all their goods out of the ships, not knowing they were inspired; and that night I sent angels down, and they sank the ships.

And in the morning the I‘hins saw their ships had disappeared, and they said with one voice: Truly, I know I was inspired, for I would not rest till all the goods were taken out of the ships. Let us, therefore, build an altar to the Lord, and sing and dance, because he is with us. And when God (Neph) saw that their souls were propitious297 for good works and miracles, he stationed his ashars around the altars, and sent other ashars into the countryside where they gathered fruit which was growing wild, and brought it to the I‘hins, casting it on the altars of the Lord, even while the people danced.

Thus I fulfilled the work You commanded of me, O E-O-IH, and so I surrendered my commission to Your Son, Neph, God of heaven and earth.