Thor, Son of

Thor, Orian Chief of Don‘ga, in etherea, God of Palla, Surveyor of Yonetz and Thassa, God of Galeb, Receiver of Saffer and Hoesonya, God of Wartz, Lo, and Yisain, Counselor in the ethereal worlds Hituna, Ctaran, Seeing, Sethawan and Hababak, greeting:

In the Holy Council of Gods and Goddesses in Don‘ga, the voice of E-O-IH came to Thor, saying:

My Son, behold the red star, the earth; she courses from Mos to Dae,428 and now drags in the swamps of Asath. Behold, you shall deliver her through your dominions, three thousand two hundred years. Even now the dawn of Ghan approaches.

Thor spoke before the Holy Council, on E-O-IH‘s etherean throne, saying: Behold, the young world, the earth, comes our way. For three thousand two hundred years she will journey in the fields of Don‘ga.

Then the Holy Council deliberated on the matters of the earth and her heavens, and all other corporeal worlds that were to pass through Don‘ga for three thousand years. And it was found that the dawn of dan would fall upon the earth first of all.

Then Thor called for the swift messengers that course the firmament in the regions of Apperwaith, the roadway of the earth‘s past history. And the swift messengers came and laid their report before the throne of E-O-IH, as to what world the earth was, and the harvests of angels she had yielded up to the emancipated heavens.

When their reports were finished, and deliberated on by the Holy Council, Thor, Son of E-O-IH, said:

For further knowledge as to the present condition of this world, the earth, it is my command that Yathai, God of Gammotto, choose one million volunteers; and, in an airiata, proceed to the earth and her heavens to visit her God and Lords, and ascertain429 the condition of their angels and mortals, and report back in Don‘ga.

So, Yathai, God of Gammotto, in etherea, was appointed for this purpose, and he provided an airiata, and took with him one million ethereans, and proceeded to the earth and her heavens, as commanded.

And Yathai came to the throne of God in Gau, in atmospherea; and God sent his Lords an invitation to come also. And seventy-two of them came.

God said to Yathai: Behold, the earth and these atmospherean heavens are full of false Lords and false Gods. Yathai inquired how many there were. God said: More than thirty thousand Gods and one hundred and sixty thousand Lords. Behold, in every great city on earth there is a false God or a false Lord, and he has a small heavenly kingdom of his own, located on the earth. And the spirits of the dead of that place are his slaves, for his own exaltation.

And in many of these heavenly kingdoms there are wars, and anarchy (hells) where the angels torment one another endlessly. Nor will these false Gods and false Lords and their subjects admit that there are higher heavens than their own.

The spirits of the newly dead are captured and kept in ignorance of E-O-IH and His vast creations; and made to bow in adoration and worship to the false Lord or false God. And these in turn, being in contiguity430 to mortals, inspire them to the same worship. Which fits them at the time of their death to fall as slaves into the dominion of him whom they worshipped.

The wars in heaven have inspired mortals to wars on earth, so that all around the world, unending battles are going on.

And those who are slain on earthly battlefields are born into spirit in chaos, not knowing they are dead (as to the earth), and so they linger on the battlefields, still battling imaginary foes.

All over the earth these battlefields are covered with spirits in chaos, and with the spirits of druks, druj, yaks and ground people, who know nothing more than the beasts in the field.

Return therefore, O Yathai, to your Orian Chief, Thor, Son of E-O-IH, and say to him: The God of earth is powerless to rescue her angels and mortals from the great darkness upon them. And beseech him in E-O-IH‘s name to come and deliver me and my kingdoms.

Yathai inquired about the races of men on earth, and as to the times of their termination.

God said: In twelve thousand four hundred years the I‘hin race, the mound builders, will come to an end. And at that time the Ghans will have triumphed over all the lands and waters of the earth.

When Yathai had obtained the required information, and also learned the localities of the divisions of the earth and her heavens, he departed in his airiata, with his companions, and visited all the chief places, and then returned to Don‘ga, in etherea, before Thor, Son of E-O-IH, to whom he reported all he had learned as to the condition of the earth and her heavens.

Then came the Light of E-O-IH to Thor, saying: My Son, take a sufficient host of ethereans, and go to the red star and her heavens, and deliver them in My name.

Thor called in thirty million volunteers; and he provided an avalanza, an ethereal ship of fire, in which they embarked for the red star, where they would remain four years two hundred and thirty-eight days, which was called the dawn of dan, for Thor, of Don‘ga.

Then outward, onward, through etherea sped Thor and his thirty millions. Through the swamps of Asath, and the fields of Broddwuski; through the ethereal seas of Hoesonya toward the arc of Mos, and then to Chinvat; the boundary of the earth‘s vortex. Nor did he halt here, but sped onward in his ship of fire for Gau, the throne of God.

God and his Lords, being apprised of Thor‘s coming, had the capital prepared for his reception. And they also had gathered in all the angels of the second resurrection, and as many of the first as chose to come. In all, there were assembled in Gau, nine hundred million angels, Faithists in E-O-IH. Of these, no more than one million had ever seen an etherean, nor had they visited farther outward from the earth than the seventh plateau in atmospherea.

Among these, even into the heavenly capital of Gau, alighted Thor and his thirty millions. And after due salutations in the manner of Gods and Goddesses, a day of recreation was proclaimed from the throne of God; and the atmosphereans and ethereans mingled together joyfully.

Then Thor ascended on the throne of God, and he ordained as follows:

One million constables to go to the false Lords and false Gods and arrest them, and bring them to Gau for judgment.

One million captors to possess the thrones and temples of the false Lords and false Gods, and hold them.

Eight million captors to gather in the angel slaves in all the hadan heavens.

Six million dispersers to overthrow and disperse the hells (heavenly battlefields of spirits in chaos).

Six million physicians to disrupt fetals from mortals.

Two million founders of es‘yan nurseries, for the spirits of infants and helpless ones, born into heaven before their full time.

One million founders of hospitals, for chaotic angels and others stricken with disease.

Half a million marshals; half a million messengers; and three million builders.

And when these had been selected by the proper officers, they were dispatched to their places and duties.

Then Thor reorganized the Council of Gau for the period of dawn.

So God and his Lords rested for a season, while Thor and his hosts delivered earth and her heavens.

In one year all the false Lords and false Gods and Goddesses were captured and brought to Gau; nor did Thor pass judgment upon them until they were all brought in. And on this occasion, millions of angels were assembled in Gau to witness the proceedings.

Thor said to them: Do you not perceive that my power is greater than yours? How can that be? I have only thirty million; and of you there are more than thirty billion! What makes me more powerful? Behold, I have arrested all your heavens and heavenly rulers. How is this? Where did my power come from?

Not one could answer Thor.

Then Thor said: My army is a unit. Yours are divided, one against another. Yes, each one was in anarchy.

This I declare to you: E-O-IH first of all; and His creations, which He has given to all His creatures.

To learn to master the elements of earth and heaven, this is the foundation for acquiring all power.

Because you bound yourselves in heavenly places on the earth, you did not rise up to the places prepared for you. Answer me now: How does the world stand as to what will come?431

Many of the false Lords and false Gods answered in the following manner: I fear to speak my mind, lest in anger you cast me in hell.

Thor said: He who has learned to know E-O-IH and serve Him, fears nothing on earth or in heaven. Fear is nothing but the manifestation of weakness.

Speak, therefore, what you desire; no harm shall come to you.

Then many of them said: This I perceive, O God: Out there lie the earth and many heavens. The strongest mortals rule over the weaker mortals; the strongest Gods rule over the weaker Gods. Therefore, make me your slave. I am content.

Then Thor said: A greater hardship I give to you all; I give you your liberty and freedom. Go, therefore, wherever you desire. I ask not one to serve me; but instead I say: Go serve E-O-IH by lifting up whoever is beneath you.

They answered: Where shall we go? We do not know the way from one heaven to another, nor the way down to the earth. You say: Go serve E-O-IH by lifting up those who are beneath us. Now, truly, we cannot even lift up ourselves. If we had great riches, or power, or wisdom, then we would willingly assist those beneath us.

Thor said: Truly you are Gods of darkness. I say to you, do not wait for any of these things, but go at once and serve E-O-IH.

6/2.31 They answered: When we have first provided a way for ourselves, then we will serve Him.

Thor said: You have spoken the darkness of the entire world. I say to you: Go serve E-O-IH first; and after that come to me, so I may see if you lack anything.

They answered: How can one serve E-O-IH by lifting others up, if he has no clothes, or food, or habitation?432

Thor said: It is well you ask that question; but I say: Direct that question to your own souls; and, behold, the Father will answer you. Let that be the question you ask yourselves every hour of the day; and be watchful for an opportunity to answer it by the labor of your own hands.

Then the false Gods and false Lords were dismissed from custody.

Thor commanded that the light of the throne and the pillars of heavenly fire be raised to a higher grade. The false Lords and false Gods desired to flee because of the brilliancy of the light, but did not know where to go.

Thor said to them: Why have you assumed to be Lords and Gods, since you cannot even master the elements in the lower heavens?

I say to you, the regions of E-O-IH‘s universe are boundless. Let no one assume to do that which he cannot do; but, little by little, learn to master the elements surrounding him, and he will, in time, learn to traverse E-O-IH‘s beautiful firmament, and indeed be a fit companion for Gods and Goddesses.

Then the false Lords and false Gods spoke, saying: O if only we had someone to teach us; someone to show us the way to learn!

Then Thor, perceiving they were in proper disposition for resurrection, allotted certain teachers and disciplinarians to them, and they were taken into educational colonies and put to work.