The Diva Order (Davidic Order)

During Fragapatti‘s time in the dawn of the cycle of Loo in heaven, E-O-IH commanded the founding of an organic Congress for His God, Lords, and Lord Gods.

2/1.12 And Fragapatti created the organic body, and named it the Diva, making God its chief, with the title, Div, even as it is known to this day in the sacred books of mortals.

E-O-IH said: In the early days of a world I give the races of man (on the earth) a despot to rule over them. But in time after I give them representative governments with many voices, having a right to help make the laws. Similarly I provide for the hadan heavens: In the early days I provide a God who shall be dictator and governor in his own way. But in later times I provide a parliament in heaven, in which My God and My Lords shall jointly consult together in framing laws for angels and mortals. And these shall be called Divan laws.

E-O-IH said: Behold, My God, Lords and sub-Gods, shall teach the same things in the different parts of the earth and in these heavens. I will not have one Lord teaching one thing in one place, and another teaching the same thing differently in another place.