The I'hua Mazdian Law

God said: This, then, that follows is the I‘hua‘Mazdian law: The school of knowledge, kept by God and his Lords, for teaching mortals and angels.

In which certain discipline and words are necessary to cause the congregating of men and angels, to dwell together and to travel onward forever, in harmony and rejoicing.

Behold, a great multitude was in disorder and in confusion, and unhappiness resulted. Then came order and discipline, and the multitude was harmonized and filled with rejoicing. What accomplished this was the I‘hua‘Mazdian law.

E-O-IH had said: Behold, I create man with the possibility of becoming a creator under Me. The first lesson of creation that I give into man‘s hands, is that he shall create harmony and affiliation within himself and with his neighbors, so that the many may become in concert, even as one man.

God said: Such was the Ormazdian law; to create man with the possibility of becoming a creator under E-O-IH (Ormazd). But where man and angels, through their God and Lords, began to make, and to create, harmony and discipline; this was the I‘hua‘Mazdian law.

As the manual of arms is to soldiers, making them a unit in motion, so is the I‘hua‘Mazdian law in making and teaching peace, order and unity among mortals on earth and angels in heaven.

By the I‘hua‘Mazdian law the heavenly kingdoms in hada are maintained; and by the same law great kingdoms and nations on earth are built up. The discipline of God and the Lords, through their ashars, in ruling over mortals, for the comprehensive benefit of the whole; this is the I‘hua‘Mazdian law. It is called the I‘hua‘Mazdian law because God and his Lords, through their ashars, keep guard and rule over all good mortals and angels for their own exaltation in the heavens above.