The Zarathustrian Law

God said: The following is the Zarathustrian law: The bestowal of words to mortals, illuminating the dominion of God and his Lords: The making of all good mortals joint heirs and members of the same heavenly kingdoms, in which, God and his Lords and Holy Council in heaven devise and administer laws for the ultimate resurrection of all men.

The revealed word of heaven, to mortals; this is the Zarathustrian law.

The word was with God, and God became the word; this is the Zarathustrian law.

For the word being established through Zarathustra became the life of God in flesh, being perpetual to the end of the world.

For though Zarathustra may be forgotten, and the words of his mouth not remembered on the whole earth, yet the Zarathustrian law (the Word of Light expressed through corpor) became everlasting in the souls of mortals from that time forward, forever and ever.692

For man to know of, and to desire to become one with the All Highest, this is the Zarathustrian law. Nor does it matter through what name he strives, as long as he strives to know the will of God.

When a king desires soldiers for his army, he sends recruiting emissaries, calling: Come, join the armies of the king. Even so, but for peace and righteousness, God sends his Lords and holy angels down to mortals, saying: Come, join the kingdom of God. And when they come, behold, they use certain rites and ceremonies, with words and sacred days: The names of these rites and ceremonies and the words revealed by God, these are the Zarathustrian laws. For they are the initiative (the first steps), by which mortals become joint workers with God and his Lords.