Anarchy of the False Gods

Now, after the three false Gods, Osiris, Te-in and Sudga, had revealed these things to mortals, they sent messengers to the Lord God, requesting audience with him, so as to disclose to him what they had done. Anuhasaj, alias De‘yus, therefore appointed a time of meeting, and the Gods came before him and made their report. After which De‘yus said:

In all you have done I acquiesce; neither have you said anything that I would not have said, except that I did not desire to laud myself with my own mouth. || And thus ended the matter of how mortals were taught to worship the names Lord and God, Lord God, Ho-Joss, Joss, De‘yus, Deity, Dyaus, Zeus, and various other names, according to the languages of the people of Jaffeth, Vind‘yu, Arabin‘ya, Par‘si‘e, and Heleste. And billions of angels of the Lord God and his Gods, who were sent down to mortals, inspired them and taught them the same things through seers, prophets, magicians, and through other people also, by dreams and visions.

And mortals were taught the secret of spiritually going out of their own corporeal bodies, and returning safely; and in this state they were taken subjectively to the kingdom of the Lord God, where they saw him as a man, sitting on a throne; and saw the great glory of his kingdom, and the millions of worshippers, glorifying De‘yus, the false Lord God. And these persons became preachers on the earth; enthusiastically stirring up men on every hand to draw the sword, the spear, the sling, to go forth in battle, to overthrow the doctrine of the Great Spirit and establish the De‘yus.

And it came to pass that they thus accomplished the will of the Lord God in all these divisions of the earth. The E-O-IHians, being non-resistants, were powerless before them. Kings and queens on the earth accepted these doctrines, and they marshaled their armies in all directions to establish the Lord God, who had said to them: To the extent that you exalt me and my kingdoms, so will I exalt you. When I see you have become wise and powerful in ruling over many on the earth, so will I give you large kingdoms in heaven.

As to the false Lord God and his false Gods, they and their kingdoms prospered in earth and heaven for nine hundred years, and by then the Faithists of the earth had been reduced to a small fraction of people, mostly hidden away, like sheep from wolves.

But in nine hundred and fifty years, behold, the worshippers of the false Lord God began to quarrel and fight among themselves. Even as by blood they had established him, so by blood the kings and queens of the earth were overthrowing one another.

Because of the warfare: schools, colleges and houses of philosophy were wasted away; the factories for spinning and weaving were destroyed; and the lands not tilled.

And now this is what became of the heavenly kingdoms of Anuhasaj and his Gods: They had accumulated twenty-eight billion spirits, all of whom were servants to De‘yus and his Gods. For the most part they were below grade ten, while three billion were below grade five, which is helplessness.

E-O-IH had so made man and angels that, whoever had learned to abnegate self and to labor for the good of others, was already above grade fifty, and his ascension should be perpetual ever after; while those who were below grade fifty, who had not put away self (satan), incline downward, toward the earth. Accordingly it had come to pass that the false Lord God and his false Gods were burdened with their kingdoms.

And though they were adorned to the utmost, having vast cities for their heavenly capitals with millions of attendants, and millions of musicians, who were forever inventing new and wonderful music, and playing and singing, millions and millions in concert, with millions of trumpeters, near and far off, to fashion echoes beautiful to the ear; and though they had decorators forever inventing and changing their billions of flags and banners, and the ornaments for the pageantry; though they had millions of heavenly cities, built with heavenly precious stones and gems of splendor, and with roadways and streets paved with heavenly diamonds and pearls; and though they had heavenly tournaments and games, rites and ceremonies, prostrations956 and salutations, without end; with great heavenly ships, capable of coursing atmospherea in journeys and excursions, ships to carry hundreds of millions of angels, whose chief occupation was to sing and chant the glory, power and dominion of De‘yus and his Gods; yes, though a large book could not contain a description of a thousandth part of their wonderful glory, yet each and every God began to see coming danger.

E-O-IH had said: Two precipices I have left open for testing man‘s strength, and they are: great prosperity and great adversity. ||

And behold, satan came upon them in the guise of a good friend. First, he went to Anuhasaj and said to him: You greatest of Gods! Who is like you? Behold, I came to you in the beginning, and told you what to do, even to stretch forth your hand, and heaven and earth would be yours forever, for your own glory. And lo, it has come on finely! You have routed E-O-IH and His hosts in heaven and earth; they are as a remnant skulking away. Hear me, then, O De‘yus, for I will not only praise you for what you have accomplished, but I will chide you for your failings.

De‘yus said: In what have I failed, O satan? And satan answered, saying: You are too honest for your own good; too pure for your own benefit; too unsuspecting regarding your Gods. Being honest yourself, you have easily attributed honesty to others, and they have taken advantage of you.

Anuhasaj said: How? Satan answered, saying: From the beginning, you said to your Gods: Maintain your schools, colleges and factories, and otherwise prepare the spirits of the dead for resurrection. And as fast as they arrive at grade thirty, send them to my kingdom, so that Hored may be glorified forever. But lo and behold, your Gods used the angels as slaves, to build up the glory of their own kingdoms. They have allowed their heavenly places of education, for the most part, to be scattered and gone. Nor have they inspired mortals to educate, as I warned you at the beginning. And mortals have thrown aside their schools and colleges, and their places of art, and have become riotous, and given to gross living, and there is no resurrection in them. Which matters show you that, sooner or later, all the spirits of the earth will be of no grade at all, but as fetals and vampires to live on mortals.

De‘yus said: Why have mortals become gross in their living? Satan answered him, saying: Behold, in your own revelation to mortals you said to them: For your food, do not eat fish, flesh, blood, or anything that breathes the breath of life. And now, behold what came to pass: Your three Gods, whom you had elevated and trusted, went to work and made other revelations, in which they said: Eat fish and flesh; for they desired to please mortals. And lo, it has come to pass that man not only wars for you, but he wars to the right and left, for it is in his blood, like beasts that feed on flesh. Your Gods had no right to give this law to man without first consulting you, to know your will and pleasure.

Anuhasaj said: Alas, it is true. What shall I do? Satan said: You shall call your Gods before you and chide them in your own way, and command them to go down to mortals and re-establish learning and industry, instead of war. Anuhasaj said: So shall it be; they shall come and receive my reprimand. They shall know in truth that I am the Lord their God!

Satan went to every one of the other false Gods, separately, saying to each: Hear me, O wisest of Gods, who, because of your great wisdom and integrity, should in fact be at the all highest Godhead in heaven. Behold, I came to you in the beginning and foretold how your kingdom would become great and glorified; and it has come to pass. When you put forth your hand to do a thing, it is done; for you were born into life different from all others, and for the highest of glories. And because of your greatness, behold, all the Gods of heaven are jealous of you and fear you, all of which you know by your own knowledge. Now, while I accredit this to you, I will also chide you for your shortness:

For, because you are honest yourself, you believe the same of others; and for this reason you are cheated and ill-used on all hands. From the beginning you sent your highest grades to the Lord God, to be his; yes, you have robbed your own kingdom of its finest and best subjects for the glory of De‘yus. And who is De‘yus more than you? Is he not a coward? For he feared to give his own doctrines to mortals; instead he abridged his words till they were worthless. And you and your fellow-Gods made his doctrines up in full for him! Yet you serve him as if he were your superior.

The false God said: Alas, it is true, with all my wisdom I have acted like a fool. Because I was too honest and pure for De‘yus and his Gods, they have taken advantage of me. What shall I do? Satan said: I told you at the beginning, that the time would come when you would rise to be higher than all other Gods. Behold, the time is near at hand when you shall strike the blow. You shall not only have your own kingdom, but the kingdoms of your companion Gods; and even De‘yus shall be tributary to you and yours.

The false God said: What shall I do? And satan answered, saying: De‘yus will scent957 the danger to his kingdom, and he will summon his Gods for consultation. Be ready with your answer to him and them; not hastily, for such is the manner of the weak; but most deliberately, in high holiness of purpose, for the good of mortals and spirits. ||

In that way satan spoke alike to all the false Gods; and they nursed the planted seed; held it in the light and shade to see it grow, till it became the very giant of each one‘s understanding.

In due course Anuhasaj called the meeting of his Gods in Hored, and Osiris and Sudga came. Great were the pageantry and show that day; and the pomp and glory, and splendor of Sanc-tu; with billions of trained slaves, with their dashing officers of high rank. For it had been nearly seven hundred years since even generals and high captains could come into the presence of the Lord God, the false, except by crawling on their bellies, even for miles.

And in and around the heavenly house of the capital were erected fifty thousand pillars of fire, kept forever going by the labor of his slaves, some of whom stood in their tracks laboring at one thing for more than a hundred years, without change of watch, or rest, being threatened with hell, and being too impotent to believe otherwise. No one could walk upright to the throne of the Lord God except his High Council, his high marshals, his Gods, and Anubi. And no one else was permitted to look upon him, under penalty of being cast into hell.

At first his Gods came to feast with him once a year, for more than a hundred years; after that, for awhile, once in six years; and afterward, only once in fifty or a hundred years; and then only by special command.

So it came to pass that the coming of De‘yus‘ false Gods was an occasion of rejoicing and glory for more than twelve billion inhabitants of the kingdom of Anuhasaj. For, far and near, they were given extra clothing and food, and granted freedom for the time being.

On this occasion, the Gods, coming in fire-ships of great size and brilliancy, were received by hundreds of millions, called the receiving hosts, who conducted them up to the roadways of the court, nearer than which the receiving hosts dared not approach. There the Gods were met by De‘yus‘ High Council and high marshals, and with them entered the area and walked up to the high arch of the capital, which led into the place of the throne of the Lord God. When inside of the Arch, the Council and marshals parted on either side, and, with the head bowed, chanted an anthem of praise to De‘yus. The Gods also bowed with respect and friendship, and walked in the middle directly toward the throne.

When they were near, the vice-Gods, on either side of De‘yus, rose up, saying:

In the name of the Lord God of the heavens of the earth, who come here, upright, and as Gods?

The Gods responded: Behold, we are sons of the Lord God, great De‘yus, and in truth we are Gods! We demand audience with our Godhead, for the glory of our kingdoms and his.

De‘yus said: Peace, O my vice-Gods! I recognize these, my brother Gods. Greeting, in the name of heaven and earth.

The Gods responded: Greeting to you, O Lord God, mightiest of Gods. In your mighty name, De‘yus, we salute you worshipfully, to know your will and pleasure, so that we may serve you in wisdom, power, and love.

De‘yus said: Welcome, O Gods; the freedom of Sanc-tu is at your hands. Behold, I will clear my palace, so that we may privately, and in a most holy manner, consult together for the good of angels and mortals.

So De‘yus gave a signal for all his officers and attendants to retire beyond the Arch, which they did. And now that the ceremony of reception was over, Anuhasaj came down from his throne and greeted the Gods cordially by clasping hands, after which they all sat down on the foot seats of the throne; and with no others within hearing range, there were present De‘yus, Osiris and Sudga; for Te-in had not come.

And for a while they talked together like long-separated friends; and lo and behold, the satan that was within each one of them began to fail him with regard to reproving the others. For the smothered seed of love that the Great Spirit had given them, began to swell up, as if about to burst forth a mighty power. So the time passed on, and none dared approach the subject of his soul and resolution.

Till at last, De‘yus, the most schooled in satan‘s cause, put an end to their old-time stories and trivial conversation; he said:

I have loved you both so much, and am now so moved by your august presence, that with all my majesty and power I am weaker than a young child, who will unconcernedly reprove its own father. Or rather I am like an old man who, in the absence of his child, finds cause to quarrel with it; but on seeing it return, breaks down utterly, and turns from his previous grieving to an outburst of manifest love.

Osiris said: What can move you to this seriousness, O De‘yus? For in speaking so, you have uttered the sentiment long lain heavily on my heart. But which now, in reverence to you and your great kingdoms, causes me to melt down like snow in a summer‘s sun. Please, continue!

Sudga said: As I live, you two, so far my superiors that I am as nothing, have spoken the very sentiment of my soul. Please, both of you continue; for so great is my love for you, that your most extravagant wish shall be answered by me, though I labor a thousand years to accomplish it.

So De‘yus sweetly told his tale, even as satan had taught him. And then he bade Osiris to speak his mind, and also Sudga to speak his; which they did, even as satan had taught them their parts. When they had finished, De‘yus, much surprised by their pitiful tales, even as the others were at his, then spoke:

My Gods, how much easier it is to find fault with the state of affairs than to find a remedy. I have seen those who find fault with their neighbors, or with the kingdom, or with the ancients, and yet they turned around and committed the same faults themselves. All of us know that one of the complaints we had against the old Divan laws was their bondage over the Lords and their dominions, holding them to the letter. So that, when we confederated, it was to give independence to each and every Lord to rule his own heaven and division of the earth in his own way. And this was granted to all my Lords, and to me and my kingdom likewise. And look at its harvest! In the fullness of my soul I gave you certain doctrines to give to mortals, chief of which was to make my names worshipful on the earth. But I did not bind you, saying: Do this and no more. But I said to you: Here is the substance of the foundations of my doctrines. Go to mortals and teach them these things, adding or abridging according to your own wisdom.

And this you accomplished, and added to it the temptation to mortals to become carnivores, by which the grades have fallen woefully. And now you find fault with me for exacting a certain number of slaves annually of a certain grade, complaining that your own kingdoms are becoming flooded with drujas.

Osiris said: Hear me, O Lord my God, for I have labored for you and your kingdoms many a hundred years. Nor are my words in passion, but well considered; so, if I err, I ask no excuse on account of hastiness. First, then, our confederacy was founded to make a mighty heavenly kingdom, having dominion over mortals on the whole earth; of which kingdom you were to be the chief and greatest glory, and ourselves second. To all of which our songs to this day bear testimony. But, as for songs or testimonies in the libraries of heaven, that our confederacy was founded chiefly to get rid of the Divan laws, I have not seen nor heard of one.

Sudga said: What I have done is done. I was commanded to a division of the earth, to subdue it to De‘yus, and I have accomplished it. I have listened to your complaints but neither has offered a remedy. You are both higher in rank and wisdom than I; when you have spoken to the purpose I will also speak. For my part, I am thankful there are no Divan laws to bind me.

De‘yus said: The remedy lies in overturning the cause of the falls in the grades. For sake of glorifying themselves, my Gods have allowed places of learning and industry to fall to pieces, both in heaven and earth. True, there are those who glorify charity, and rites and ceremonies; but I say to you, my Gods, INDUSTRY AND LEARNING stand higher than either charity or rites and ceremonies; and especially when industry yields profitable support.

Osiris said: Where, O Lord my God, does the difference lie between that which is written or spoken? In your opening words you have even now reiterated the bondage of the Divan laws over the Lords. And in the next breath you say: I command you to re-establish the places of learning and industry.

Sudga said: Are not written laws less arbitrary than spoken ones? For we see them beforehand, and are not, therefore, shocked by the sudden audacity.

De‘yus said: In either case, is it not true that the highest in power and mightiest in the plans and arrangement of his kingdoms must either take jibes and insults from his inferiors, whom he has lifted up and made what they are, or otherwise fall broken-hearted on the loss of their love and worship? For time and again we behold, alas, beneficiaries are apt to turn like venomous serpents, and strike their benefactor, even though the blow would send themselves into destruction.

Osiris said: That is most especially true, O De‘yus, where the highest kingdoms owe their glory and greatness to those who have been subsidiary and built them up. None are so slow to see their danger as they who are exposed to it. There are those holding high places, with slaves, and if these latter should discover their true condition and how they were deceived, they would bind the former in knots and cast them into hell.

Sudga said: But in such cases is it not better, my wise brothers, that the highest—who have been raised up by the toil and industry of others that labored to have them glorified—turn from their own glory and selfish ends, and divide up their ill-gotten kingdoms, and bestir their lazy carcasses by sending assistants to those who have them in their power?

De‘yus said: Most wisely spoken, both my Gods. But how shall we teach apes and monkeys to know their masters? They crook their tails and squeal, imagining themselves great monarchs. But if they were cut off from their masters, they would come to grief most ignominiously958 or be the first plunged into torments.

Osiris said: You wisest of Gods, is it not most strange, wonderful, how better we can see others‘ shortness than our own? Nor are we much quicker to find a way to save them, which we often could do were they not self-conceited fools; but we guard our arms, so that when they show the least sign of doing us wrong, we inwardly swear within our souls to hurl them into hell.

Sudga said: O my loves, it is a sad reflection, when we survey mighty kingdoms at their quarrels, knowing that, if either dares to lift a hand to destroy, we ourselves hold the key by which they both can be stripped of their highest subjects and their greatest glories, and left in the ruins of their own evil concocting. But the wise bide their time, and often are fortified when others do not know of it.

De‘yus said: My most wise Gods, you have spoken great wisdom. I will weigh your words and be governed accordingly. For your most holy visit I am honored above all I deserve.

Osiris said: Words cannot express my reverence for your spoken words, O De‘yus.

Sudga said: I am bowed with sorrow to leave the place of so much wisdom, love and power. ||

And now Osiris and Sudga stepped backward, four paces each, but separate from each other, with their heads still bowed. By a signal, the vice-Gods re-entered and stood beside the Gods, and then all, with heads bowed, raised their hands and saluted in the sign CENTRAL SUN. De‘yus answered them on the sign MUSIC OF THE SATELLITES.

Slowly now, and with measured backward step, to low sweet music, the Gods and vice-Gods crossed the area and passed the Arch, where the vice-Gods left them and returned within. But the Gods were now met by the High Council and high marshals and conducted to the entrance gate, where they left Osiris and Sudga, each being received by their respective hosts and re-conducted to their ships, with great pomp and honor, and they set sail at once for their own heavenly kingdoms.

Now in this whole proceeding, the Gods were all surprised that Te-in had not come, nor, by messenger or otherwise, answered the summons; nor could one of them imagine the cause.

When Te-in, whose heavenly kingdom contained three billion angels, was informed when Osiris and Sudga were gone to Hored, satan said to him: Now is your time, call your Council together; proclaim yourself God of heaven and earth, mighty in all regions, the Central Kingdom of the Eternal Heavens! Choose from among your Council those of the highest grades, and make them Lords under you. After which you shall renew the battles in Jaffeth, on the earth.

Te-in said: Why on the earth? Satan said: Behold, Jaffeth must be subdued to one nation of people, and this shall be your footstool, and your heavenly kingdom‘s headquarters. After which your Lords shall proceed to the lands of Par‘si‘e, and Arabin‘ya, and inspire the inhabitants to another central kingdom, and when mortals are thus subdued to limited numbers of rulers, you shall have only a few to deal with in order to make yourself God of the whole earth.

Te-in said: You are wiser than all Gods. Behold, my way is clear.

So on the same day of De‘yus‘ meeting with Osiris and Sudga, Te-in severed the bonds between his heavenly kingdom and all others, and he chose twelve of his highest grade in the Holy Council, and made them Lords of the earth; but he allotted no portion of the earth to any one alone. He said:

I will not give them kingdoms; this is the strongest way; to keep everything in one‘s own hands. ||

Then Te-in, through his Lords, whom he sent down to the earth, made Kan Kwan mortal king of Jaffeth, with the title, KING OF THE WORLD, SUN, MOON AND STARS! And the Lords caused Kan Kwan to build an oke‘spe [spirit-house or oracle –Ed.], where he could receive the commandments of Te-in, the holiest, all highest ruler of heaven, as to what he should do in order to subdue the earth to himself.

Te-in said: And, my Gods, say to Kan Kwan when the earth is subdued to himself: Behold, I will also come down and dwell in the temples he builds for my Lords. || And when the king goes forth and subdues a place to himself, he shall immediately build a worshipful temple and dedicate it to me and my Lords, whose names you shall give alike in all places. For I will not confuse mortals with a multiplicity of heavenly Lords. And the king shall show to the people that there is only one High Ruler in heaven, whether he is called Ho-Joss or Joss, or Po-tein, or Te-in, and that I am the Person. But in no case shall the king permit the worshippers of the Great Spirit to remain alive upon the earth.

Te-in said: My Lords, each of you shall take with you one million angels who are strong and cunning in war; twelve million are sufficient, for you shall not scatter them about, but keep them in the vicinity of the war and the king. As when a fire burns, beginning from a spark and spreading outward till a city is consumed, likewise keep your forces concentrated and potent. This is the whole art of power. And while mortals sleep, your angels shall come upon them and give them dreams and visions of glorious success; make them see themselves in the heat of battle, rushing through the jaws of death unscathed, while on every side their manly arms slay their enemies by the score in flowing blood. For when these mortals awake and remember their dreams, they will be well prepared for the valorous work. But as to those who are to be conquered, let your angels go to them while they sleep, and give them dreams and visions of horrid deaths; make them see the heat of battle and themselves overpowered on every hand, and, pierced with sword and spear, they fall, dying in great agony. For when such mortals wake up and remember their dreams, they are half conquered already.

Te-in said: My Lords, you shall inspire the king to be merciful and gentle; and when his soldiers come to a place to subdue it, they shall send truce-men before them, inquiring: Who, do you say, shall be the ruler? And if the people answer: We are Kan Kwan‘s slaves, they shall not be slain.

Te-in said: My Lords, among mortals, what is righteousness? Now one Lord said: Rites and ceremonies. Another said: To worship you, O Te-in. Another said: To follow the doctrines of the ancients. Another said: To purify one‘s self. Another said: To do good with all one‘s might. Another said: To practice truth. Another said: To harm no man.

Te-in said: Not one of you knows righteousness. Behold how you stand: The doctrines of the ancients were their own, and they are as dead. To put on a dead man‘s clothes, will they make the wearer like the dead was?

Rites and ceremonies are what showmen train their horses with, to run or leap, or lie down, to please their masters.

To purify one‘s self! What is that? A mortal man‘s body cannot be purified, for it is rotten at best.

To do good with all one‘s might! Who knows the meaning of that? To cut off a crushed foot to save a man‘s life, gives him pain in the cutting, even while he is suffering. Then it is well that some men‘s heads are cut off for their own good. Yes, even nations extirpated.959 Let him who does, then, do with all his might. Do you not see in this, that before one attempts to do good, he is his own judge, judging by his own judgment?960

To practice truth! What is that? The E-O-IHians say: E-O-IH is All Truth. But E-O-IH is nothing, scattered as the wind. Then truth is nothing. Who has found a man who does not say: To see as I see, is to see the truth; to see as you see, is to see falsely? A man told lies knowingly, and practiced them; and he was all truth to himself, for he was a liar. Therefore, he practiced truth.

To worship me is unrighteousness instead of righteousness. To worship Joss is unrighteousness; to worship the nondescript, E-O-IH, is unrighteousness, and to worship Po is unrighteousness also. Behold this matter: The large trees in the forest were smothering out the small ones; and the small ones said: We praise you, giant oaks, for the many blessings we have received; be merciful to us! The large trees laughed at them, and they died. Is this not E-O-IH? Is this not the Gods? For all mortals, at best, are only as un-hatched eggs; and when they are dead, their souls are like hatched chickens for the Gods to play with, and to use in their own way.

Te-in said: Teach this to mortals; and tell them, moreover, to choose what God they will; and if it is me, then I will labor for them; if it is not me, then I am against them. This, then, is righteousness: Reciprocity961 between Gods and mortals; reciprocity between mortals themselves; to war for opinion‘s sake in order to develop in steadfastness; to help the helpless; to feed and clothe the stranger, and to worship the father and mother.

Te-in‘s Lords and their angels departed out of Che-su-gow, Te-in‘s heavenly place, and descended to the earth on their mission; and the following is what came of it:

Kan Kwan was the son of Kwan Ho, a flat-head; but because Kan Kwan‘s parents became converts to the Brahmin priests, Kan did not have his head flattened. But because su‘is and sar‘gis had been in their family for many generations they descended to Kwan all the same. And he could see and hear the angels and their Lords; hear all the words spoken to him, a most excellent thing in a king, when drujas are restrained from observing him.

The Lords guarded Kan Kwan on every side, day and night, and Kwan being stupid, because of the flat heads of his parents, was well suited to carry out all that was commanded of him. So he announced himself at once with all his titles, and sent heralds here and there to proclaim him and let all peoples and kings know that he was coming to subdue them to himself.

Kwan issued this decree: Kan Kwan, king of the world, and of the sun, moon and stars, I command! I, son of the sun, son of Te-in, behold! There is only one ruler in heaven, Te-in! There shall be only one on earth, Kan Kwan. Bow your heads down! I come! Choose to bow down, or to die. One or the other shall be. When the world is subdued to me, I will war no more!

In those days there were many great kings in Jaffeth, and their kingdoms were in many places, and far apart. Between them, in a sparse region, in the Valley of Lun, lay the city of Ow Tswe, and this was Kan Kwan‘s small kingdom, which had been known for a thousand years.

When other kings heard of Kwan‘s proclamation they laughed. And this is the vanity of mortals, for they disregard the power of the Gods over them.

So Kwan started with an army of four thousand soldiers, men and women, with spears, axes, scythes, swords, slings, and bows and arrows; and he marched against Tzeyot, a city of a hundred thousand people; and here king Cha Ung Chin ruled, with twenty thousand soldiers. Cha Ung Chin laughed. He said to his captain: Send a thousand women soldiers to kill Kwan and his army; they are mad, and do not know what war is.

The captain went forth to battle, but in addition to the thousand women soldiers he took a thousand men soldiers. But lo and behold, Kwan and his soldiers knew no drill, but ran forward so strangely that their enemies did not know how to fight them, and they fled in fear, except the captain and a hundred women who were instantly put to death. But not one of Kwan‘s army was killed.

Cha Ung Chin was angry, and he sent ten thousand soldiers against Kwan‘s ragged army; and when the battle began, the angels cast clouds before the hosts of Cha Ung Chin, and they thought they saw hundreds of thousands of soldiers coming upon them, and they turned and fled also, except five hundred men and women, who were captured and instantly slain.

Cha Ung Chin said: It is time I go myself. My laziness has cost me dearly. Tomorrow I will lead thirty thousand pressed962 men and women, and make it a day of sport to slaughter Kwan‘s army. So the king sent his marshals to select and summon his soldiers during the night. Many were too frightened to sleep; and those who slept had such visions and dreams that when they awoke they were as persons nearly dead.

Next morning, Cha Ung Chin sallied forth out of the city to battle, going before his army. When he saw the pitiful army of Kwan, he said: In truth, the world is going mad! That such fools have courage is because they do not know what a battle is. With that he rushed forward, faster and faster, calling to his soldiers. But they stretched out in a line behind him, for they trembled from head to foot, remembering their dreams.

Presently Kwan and his army started for them, not with orderly commands, but screaming and howling. Cha Ung Chin‘s soldiers took panic, broke ranks and fled in all directions, except one thousand, including King Cha Ung Chin, who were captured and instantly slain.

And on the same day Kan Kwan took possession of the city, Tzeyot, commanding obedience and allegiance from the people. And on the following day he put twenty thousand men to work building a temple to Te-in, pulling down other edifices for their material. Nor did Kwan have a learned man in all his army; but the Lords with him showed him how to build the temple, east and west, and north and south, and how to make the archways and the pillars to support the roof; and the sacred chambers and altars of sacrifice. Out of brick, mortar and wood he built it, and when it was completed it was large enough for twelve thousand people to do sacrifice963 in. And it took forty days to build.

Besides this, Kwan put another ten thousand men and women to work clearing away houses and walls, and making new streets in many directions; so that at the time of the first sacrifice the city of Tzeyot did not look like itself; and Kwan gave it a new name, Lu An, and commanded all people to call it by that name, or suffer death.

Kan Kwan made the people go and do sacrifice to Te-in in the temple every morning; enforced a day of rest for each quarter of the moon; enforced worship on the part of children to their fathers and mothers, the father taking first rank.

Then Kwan made them pray for those who were slain in battle. And these are the words he commanded them to use: Te-in! Father of Life and Death! Who feeds on suns and stars! Whose refuse964 is mortals. In your praise I bow my head. For your glory I lie on my belly before your altar. I am the filthiest of things; my breath and my flesh and my blood are rotten. Death would be sweet to me if you or your soldiers would slay me. For my soul would come to you to be your slave forever.

Behold, my brothers and sisters who fought against you are dead, and I glorify you because of that. We have buried their rotten carcasses deep in the ground; good enough for them.

But their spirits are howling about, lost and wild on the battlefield. O Te-in, Father, send your spirits from Che-su-gow, your heavenly place, to them, to help them out of darkness. And we will always praise you, our mightiest, all highest ruler! ||

When they made the sacrifice they laid down on their bellies, while certain ones prompted them with the words that Kwan received from the Lords.

After this, Kwan appointed to them a governor, Ding Jow, who was the first governor of a province in Jaffeth, in the order of governors as they exist to this day [1882].965 Which is to say: As a Lord is to a God, so is a governor to a king. And this was the first of that order established by the Gods of hada. Prior to this, E-O-IH had given a similar government to the Faithists; even as it had been given in its purity to the pure, so now it was given in its crudity to the crude.

E-O-IH had said: Independent kingdoms shall not exist side by side; nor shall one be tributary to another; but there shall be one whole, and the lesser shall be parts of it, not over nor under them, but as helpmates. The wicked will not see this now; but their own wickedness will bring it about in time to come. And it was so. ||