God’s Book of Eskra

God said: This Book shall be called Eskra, because it is the history of the heavenly cycle, Bon. It shall contain the substance of the heavenly records of three thousand years, of the first regions of the resurrection of the dead. My words are not of the earth, but of heaven.1108

The history of the earth you know already; therefore I reveal things you do not know of. Profit from these revelations understandingly, for my heavenly kingdoms will presently be your habitation.

As it has been revealed to you already, in regard to the successions of the God, and the periods of dan, and the division of the higher from the lower heavens, it is sufficient for you to know that whatever is given of God is of him who is E-O-IH‘s voice, without regard to which administration, or which God. And to know also that the heaven referred to in Eskra is not of the higher heavens, etherea, but atmospherea, which heavens travel with the earth around the sun, which heavens were called the lower heavens by the ancients, and by some, the intermediate world. Through which heavens all souls must pass, being first purified and risen in wisdom, before they can inherit the emancipated worlds in etherea.

Nor are these, my revelations, to mortals only, but to billions of the spirits of the dead, who do not know the plan of the resurrection to higher heavens; but who wander about on the earth, not even knowing the organizations of the kingdoms in my lowest of heavens.

Whom I reach by coming to mortals, and to places on the earth where they abide.

For many of these angels believe the heavens to be like an unorganized wilderness, void of government, instruction and discipline.

And by virtue of their presence with mortals, though invisible to them, do inspire mortals with the same darkness. From which, mortals have concluded there are neither Lords nor Gods, who are E-O-IH‘s high officers in these kingdoms.

These matters shall be set forth in brief in Eskra; the fullness of which shall be opened to mortals and angels in time near at hand; for they shall see and read the books in the libraries of these heavens, and learn to know of their own knowledge.

Therefore, the light of this Book of Eskra is not of one God, or one Lord, or one recording angel, who are constantly succeeding one another, but of the body of the first heavens of the earth for the greater part of this cycle, which is now at the close.

God, Son of E-O-IH, said: Give ear, O earth, and be attentive to the words of E-O-IH‘s Son:

And you mortals of the earth; for I have said: The time shall surely come when all things shall be revealed to the inhabitants of the earth.

Be patient and wise in understanding me; my words are for your resurrection forever; and for the glory of the Creator.

And you angels of heaven, draw near; for I will reveal to you that which is for your own good. My many kingdoms shall be opened up to your understanding also.

And you, my high-raised Lords and officers of heaven, call up your hosts from far and near. Hear the words of your God. Call up the mighty ones of Yogannaqactra and the inhabitants of Theovrahkistan.

And Hibin, the successor to Yussamis, of the six heavens of Ugsadisspe: Tewallawalla, Setee‘song, Go‘e‘dhi, Ellapube, Apak and Fue. And call up the successors to Hibin, and the primal Gods under him, of his six mighty heavens.

And Ong Woo, the successor to Anuhasaj, of the heavenly regions, the a‘ji‘an forest, Turpeset, with her twelve heavenly kingdoms, the places of Negathogan, Shumat, Thorokak, Enisshappaga, Habor, Amga, Magossa, Dhi Wan, Seffakostrus, Inubib, Marh and Wischowitcha, and to their primal Gods and generals and captains.

And to Yusalithith, successor to Osiris, of Vrigginyannah; and to Raxya, successor to Te-in of Ovella; and to Yadonya, successor to Sudga, of Tempissiv; and to Yima, successor to Egupt, of Rathyaya; and to Hidemmes, successor to Shu Wan Loo, of Wowahyotos.

And to their primal Gods and successors, and to their generals and captains.

And to Zhubon, successor to the line of Yaton‘te, with her twelve subjective heavens, the Fiskadore, Wooloo, Yamyam, Katiro, Wannahogan, Rayax, Ginnewan, Shawnea, Wishogah, Pottomatta, Shiwasae and the Muskadayan.

And to their primal Gods and successors, and to their generals and captains.

And to Yessotosissi, successor to Yodma, of the heavenly regions of Ornababa, with seven mighty kingdoms: Gootha, Yembique, Waing T‘soo, Ithya, Yorama, Hi‘D‘honyah and Wurrtembogga.

And to their primal Gods and their successors, and to their generals and captains.

And to Pidissomo, successor to Savvaqactra, of the heavenly place Joisyama, with her eighteen heavenly kingdoms: Yon, Loo Sin, Kad, Rum, Jassak, Solomon, Ressa, Nibbaakak, Hizeph, Sakkar, Sin Chong, Remthaxax, Avardissa, Kessadronakas, Hui‘cammaksonad, Nu Lee Wing, Trasmas and Kissayaya.

And to their primal Gods and successors, and to their generals and captains.

And to all other Gods of the heavenly regions of atmospherea, the hada of the earth; and to their successors and generals and captains; and to the heavenly, hadan regions of Sho‘e‘gan, with her twenty-eight sub-kingdoms, and to the heavenly, hadan regions of Ghi‘e‘wan, with her forty-four sub-kingdoms, and to their exalted officers and teachers, heavenly Sons and Daughters of E-O-IH.

And to the plateau of Narid, in the second resurrection, with her two hundred heavenly kingdoms, their Gods, generals, captains and high teachers, Sons and Daughters of E-O-IH.

And to the plateau of Yakabba, two thousand miles high, with her six hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

And to the plateau of Yannurib, two thousand one hundred miles high, with her four hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

And the seven plateaus of Havagamatris, with their two thousand heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

And the six plateaus of Vraggaomen, with their fourteen hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

And the fourteen plateaus of Ghemayumaistra, with their three thousand four hundred heavenly kingdoms, and their Gods and high officers.

And to all other plateaus in the heavens of the earth, the atmospherean regions, and to the Gods of all heavenly kingdoms in these lower heavens; the intermediate world of the angels raised up out of the earth.

God said: E-O-IH called upon me, His Son, saying: My Son! Call aloud in My name; with My Voice stir up all these heavenly regions I have named.

For My Gods and high-raised officers shall open to you their libraries of heavenly books, which shall yield up My treasures. I will make the angels of heaven know Me and My word! They shall come together from their countless heavenly kingdoms and places; for My hand and My strong arm is upon them.

The labors of My lower heavens shall be clothed in mortal words, and handed down to mortals. My Gods and My primal Gods and generals and captains shall uncover their proceedings before the heavens and the earth.

They shall come together and be as one man with one voice, and their word shall be My word.

For My prophets have proclaimed it abroad, that the time would come when I would reveal all things to men; and things that were dark would be made plain; and things in the light, made as heaven, rejoicing.

Hear My voice, O angels and mortals! The words of the heavens of the earth are My words, orderly and well disciplined. No man can imitate Me; angels cannot counterfeit Me. My words are from the Fountain that never errs.

Whoever sees My way cannot fail to understand; I do not quibble, nor beat about the bush.1109 Even Lords and Gods are as nothing in My hands. I trim them up, and prune their orchards in My own way; I sift and weigh and assort, for I am E-O-IH, the Almighty!

I am the sum of the Voice of all the lower heavens; the doings of Gods and high officers; the Person of the word of three thousand years.

And My record shall be the standard for mortals and angels for thousands of years to come. Other books and other words will be written and spoken, and they shall pass away and not be remembered by angels or men. But My words, the words of Eskra, will live and endure forever. || Then God spoke, saying:

For I am His fountain, of the Tree of Bon; I am His cycle of the Great Serpent‘s e‘spe,1110 and cannot die or go out of remembrance. I am as a link in a great circle, the section of Bon in the solar vortex.

During every cycle I come and speak, and my words are not like other words. I plant them on the low earth, and they take root, and grow into a tree that reaches up into heaven. And the angels of heaven come there and gather my words, for they are the fruit of everlasting life and of resurrection of mortals and spirits of the dead.

Give ear, O nations of the earth, and magnify your understanding, for the wisdom of the Almighty.

He does not single out one man or one God, and say: Behold, by him judge Me and My works! Nor does He give the history of all the living in one book; the pith1111 of things is the unit sprung from all.

Give ear, O man, and be wise in your judgment, of sure perception and good discernment in the revelations of my words in the cycles past and present.

For I summed up all the Gods of the hadan regions of the earth, and all their high officers in the plateaus and their heavenly kingdoms, and I named them, GOD! And in their dominions with mortals I named them, LORD! In my past revelations on the earth I made them as one, namely, GOD, so that I would not confuse the judgment of men!

And all the heavenly places of the earth, the atmospherean heavens, which travel with the earth around the sun, I named, HADA,1112 the intermediate world, the lower heaven. Through which none can pass to the etherean heaven till purged of self, and made spotless, pure, and strong in spirit.

Of this hadan heaven, and of her Gods and their labors I made two words, GOD and HEAVEN, and Eskra is their sermon. In which you nations of the earth, and you angels of heaven, shall profit in spirit, even as by past experience, the future becomes fortified in wisdom and strength.

In which sermon all resurrection is of God, who is E-O-IH‘s Son; but to distinguish from that which is of God, I named all who did not desire resurrection in heaven, but loved the earth more, SATAN. And whoever loved evil and practiced it, I named, SATAN; and whoever combined, as angels or as mortals, to make anarchy I named, EVIL WORKERS for hell.

As God and heaven are of the resurrection, so are satan, hell and the devil of the declension.

All men on the earth and all the spirits of the dead belong to one or the other, resurrection or declension.

None can stand still; all the living are on the move forever.

E-O-IH is Life, Motion, Individual, Person! In proof of which, He gave to you life, motion, individuality, person.

To develop these four entities is resurrection toward Him, more and more, which is heavenly.

To neglect them, or pervert them, is to go away from Him, which is declension, which can lead to entire destruction.

No man can be life for another; nor motion, nor individuality, nor person for another. For himself, and to himself, E-O-IH has created man with these.

Nor can any of the Gods, however exalted, give or take away these things.

For even though the highest raised angels may attain to turn the earth over, or to dissolve it into air in the firmament, or create a new earth, yet none of these can create life, or motion, or an individual, or person.

These are from E-O-IH and in Him; and all angels, Gods, Lords, generals, captains and chiefs in heaven, are only the brothers and sisters of both mortals and the spirits of the dead.

And yet, O man of the earth, and you, angel of the heavens of the earth, do not be puffed up or make light of1113 the Gods, or Lords, or Saviors, or Chiefs of the heavens, for compared to them you are only like a drop of water is, compared to the ocean.

As a man among you employs a thousand men to do his bidding, so do I, your God, have billions of angels to speak in my name.

Do not put off my words, saying: It is only your conscience speaking. My angels speak to you in spirit, with my very voice and words, which are E-O-IH‘s also.

According to the capacities and talents of those mortals who practice my commandments, so do I appropriate them to assist in the resurrections.

And in the same way, I allot my ashars to abide with you: to the musician, angel musicians; to the philosopher, angel philosophers; to the historian, angel historians; to the cosmographer, angel cosmographers; to the revelator, angel revelators; even so to all men who seek to serve E-O-IH by doing good.

And these, my ashars, which I place over you, are not individual angels, merely acting and speaking their own notions, but are organized companies of billions, who labor through a chief angel, called Lord; and all of them are in concord with me and my kingdoms, directed by my Holy Council, of millions of angels high in wisdom, which is directed by me, your God, even as I am one with other Gods, who are one with E-O-IH.

What my angels do in truth and wisdom, for righteousness‘ sake, these I ratify in heaven; what I do in heaven, my angels do and reveal to you in my name.