The name of the force of the vortex is called vortexya, that is, positive force, because it is arbitrary1575 and exerts east and west (i.e., at right angles to the axis). As in the case of a wheel turning on its axis, its force will be at right angles with its axis, at the extreme center of which will be no force.

For which reason the north and south line of the earth‘s vortex is called the m‘vortexya, or negative force, for it is the subject of the other. As a whirlwind gathers up straw and dust, which travel toward the center of the whirlwind, and to its poles, so do corporeal substances incline to approach the poles of the earth‘s vortex. Which may be proved by poising a magnetized needle.1576

In the early times of earth‘s formation, the earth was longer north and south than east and west. But the m‘vortexya, being less than the vortexya, the earth assumed the globular form, which was afterward attenuated1577 east and west, then the earth turned again, to adapt itself to the north and south polarity of the vortex.

In these various turnings of the earth, the same force of the vortex exerted ever to the east and west. By which behavior every portion of the earth has been to the east, to the west, to the north, and to the south.1578 Which is proven in the rocks, and boulders, and mountains of the earth.1579

And for that reason it is shown there is no north and south polar power in the earth as such.1580 Furthermore the iron mountains show they attract from all directions, without any regard to a central polar force in the earth itself.

In this matter mortals have been taught erroneously regarding two powers which do not exist, as they have been previously set forth by philosophers:1581 These are the attraction of gravitation in the earth, and a north pole magnetism in the earth. [That is, these behaviors reside not IN the earth nor exist because of the earth, but both the actions of so-called gravity and the polar power exist because of the normal activity of the earth‘s vortex. –ed.]

The positive force of the vortex is, therefore, from the external toward the internal (thus accounting for phenomena attributed to so-called gravity); and the negative force of the vortex is toward the poles, and in the ascendant toward the pole external from the sun center (thus accounting for so-called earth‘s magnetism,1582 and which polar currents can be seen in the north and south auroras).

Of which it may be said the force of the vortex is toward its own center, but turns at the center and, in the case of the earth, escapes outward at the north pole [it being the pole external from the sun center. –ed.].1583 If one were to draw a line from the east to the center of an imaginary earth, and then in a right angle due north, this would represent the current of the vortex which causes the center to be filled with a corporeal body. After which the same power applies, and is all one power, although, for convenience, is called positive and negative [vortexya and m‘vortexya –ed.].1584

Vortexya can be concentrated, e.g., in iron, steel, and iron ore, in which condition they are called magnetic. And these substances, if poised as needles, will assume the line of polarity of the vortex or its poles.1585

Vortexya in the atmosphere will combine oxygen and hydrogen, and an explosion ensues, which is called thunder. But if an iron wire is raised up in the air (a lightning rod), it forms a negative center, to which the vortexya quickly flies, following it down into the moisture of the earth, where it is dissolved.

If an iron wire extends from city to city, and vortexya is charged at one end, it will manifest at the other pole, and at times even escape in a flame of fire (electric flash).1586

In similar manner the vortex of the earth constantly charges the earth with its vortexya in the east and west [i.e., latitudinally –ed.], and it manifests [longitudinally,] in the northern pole of the vortex in flames of fire, which are called Borealis.1587 But it sometimes happens, over high iron mountains, that the light is manifested in other directions. A su‘is can see vortexya, which is proven by placing a horseshoe magnet before him in the dark, and he will describe the escaping polar light, even though he is not previously informed.

When vortexya is manifested in flames of fire [electric spark] it is called electricity. But when it lies dormant, as in iron, it is called magnetism.

If two corporeal substances are rubbed together quickly, friction and heat result; this is a manifestation of vortexya.

In the beginning of the earth‘s vortex, the current concentrated into its center, certain substances (described later), where, by friction, the vortexya manifested in heat, so that when the congregation of materials of the earth‘s substance were together, they were as a molten mass of fire.

And for a long period of time after the fire disappeared, two great lights manifested, one at the north and one at the south.

Were the earth a central planet, like the sun, the light would have been all around, in which case it would have been called a photosphere.

By vortexya the earth was first formed as a ball of fire. By the same power (vortexya) the warmth of the surface of the earth is manufactured to this day. Do not think that heat comes from the sun to the earth; heat does not come from the sun to the earth. In this matter mortals still dwell, in part, in the superstitions of the ancients, who believed all things came from the sun. For is it not said this day: Heat and light come from the sun? No, without examination, they also talk about the attraction of gravitation of the sun extending to other planets!

Corpor, as such, has no power in any direction whatsoever: Neither attraction of cohesion, nor attraction of gravitation; nor has it propulsion. But of itself it is inert in all particulars. As two ships sailing near each other will collide, or as two balls suspended by long cords will approach each other somewhat, the cause lies not in the ships or the balls, but in what is external to them.1588

Cast water on a dusty floor and the drops of water will assume globular forms, being coated with dust. For convenience‘ sake it is said that the globular form is natural to a liquid, and it is called the globular power. But it is, nevertheless, caused by a power external to itself. Approach one of the drops of water, which lies coated with dust, with a piece of cloth, and instantly the globe of water breaks and climbs up into the cloth. This is erroneously called capillary attraction. But, in fact, the water had no attraction for the cloth, nor the cloth for the water. The power that accomplished this was external to both, and was the same in kind as the vortexya that brought the earth to its center and maintained it there.

Withdraw the vortexian power, and the earth would instantly go into dissolution. When the cloth approaches the drop of water, it breaks the vortex of the drop, and the water goes into divisible parts into the cloth, in search of negative polarity.

That which is called corporeal substance, having length, breadth and thickness, remains so by no power of its own, but by vortexya external to it. Exchange (liberate) the vortexya, and the corpor goes into dissolution. This power was, by the ancients, called Uz,1589 or the fourth dimension of corpor.1590

For this reason it is said: The tendency of corpor is to uncorpor itself (dissolve or evaporate). Moisture rises upward from the surface of the ocean, and from the earth also. Turn a wheel slowly, with water on its periphery, and the water does not fly off; let the wheel stand idle, and the water runs off; or turn the wheel very swiftly, and the water flies off. The same results would happen if the wheel stood still with a current of air whirling around the wheel. If the air passed slowly, the water would fall; if at a certain speed, the water would be retained on the periphery; but if at a higher speed, the water would be carried off.

When the earth‘s axial motion, and the vortexian power (pushing earth‘s atmosphere more or less latitudinally), are equivalent, there is no evaporation of moisture outward (upward); when the vortexya exceeds, there is great evaporation; but when the vortexya is less, there is rain. According to the vortexian currents, so are the winds (except as mentioned further on), and when these are discordant, small vortices ensue1591 in the cloud regions, and each of these small vortices forms a drop of rain, which is an infinitesimal1592 planet. Nevertheless, all of them are under the propelling influence of the earth‘s vortex, and are thus precipitated to the earth. But the earth did not attract the raindrops, nor did the raindrops attract themselves to the earth. But the force of earth‘s vortex pushes them to the earth.1593