The Tree of Life

In the beginning of the inhabitation of the earth, the angels of heaven assembled in Hored, a heavenly plateau resting on the earth.

And the archangel Sethantes was the wisest of them all, and he said to them:

Behold, we have come from distant heavens; by the voice of E-O-IH we came to partake of the glory of the red star, the earth. E-O-IH said to us: Come and enjoy the new world I have created. Partake of all its fruits, except of the tree of knowledge, which is the fountain of life. Do not partake of this, lest you die.

But the voice of the earth spoke to us, saying: Partake, for indeed, mine is the tree of everlasting life.

And many did not obey the voice of the Father, and are now bound by the tie of life, which is in the blood.

And the voice of E-O-IH came to me, saying: Sethantes, My son, behold, in My etherean heavens I gave into your charge millions of angels, whom you have brought to the earth, and they have fallen from their high estate. Go, deliver them.

And I said: What shall I do? And E-O-IH said: Bring your angel hosts to Hored, for there I will crown you God of these heavens and earth for the redemption of angels and mortals. And it shall be a new heavenly kingdom from this time forward to the end of the world. For it is the time of the arc118 of Wan, and I will bring from etherea My high-raised Goddess, Etisyai, chief factor119 of Harmuts, and she shall crown you in My name: GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.

God said: When I had thus spoken in Hored before the angels of heaven, a great light, like a sun, was seen descending from the firmament above. And I commanded my es‘enaurs to chant in praise of the Father and His works.

Meanwhile I had the angels of Hored numbered, and there were twenty seven million six hundred thousand, being the same who were on an excursion in my charge when the voice of E-O-IH commanded us to visit the earth.