First Written Language

About this time man began to use his lips and tongue in enunciating words, prior to which he spoke in the thorax.205

And the Lord spoke to the I‘hin, saying: So that the labor of the Lord your God may be remembered on the earth, go provide me a stone and I will engrave it with my own hand, and it shall be called Se‘moin,206 because it shall be a testimony to all nations and peoples, on the earth, of the first written language in all the world.

So the I‘hins prepared a stone, hewed it flat, then polished it smooth; and the Lord came down in the night and engraved it. And the Lord explained it; through his angels he taught the I‘hins the meaning of the characters engraved on it.

And the Lord said: Go into all cities in all the countries of the world, and provide copies of the tablet I have given. So it came to pass that the angels of heaven inspired the I‘hins to make tablets and to read them, so that the first language of the earth (Panic) could be preserved to the races of men. And it was so.