The Solar Cycles

At the time of man‘s creation,248 the earth was traveling in the arc of Wan, where thousands of Orian Chiefs live, with billions of high-raised angels.

The Holy Council of Orian Chiefs, through the Wisdom and Voice of E-O-IH, appointed one of their number, Sethantes (an archangel), to take charge of the earth, and to people it with immortal beings, during its travel in Wan.

The rank and title of Sethantes, thus raised up by E-O-IH, Creator of worlds, became, FIRST GOD OF THE EARTH AND HER HEAVENS.

And Sethantes had come with millions of angels, who had been previously raised up from other worlds, and he accomplished his work, and was known as God.

Sethantes was, then, the first God of the earth and her heavens, and his place was within the arc of Wan. And during his cycle of three thousand years, he raised up from the earth, one billion five hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms to E-O-IH.

After Sethantes came Ah‘shong, sub-Chief in the realms of Hieu Wee in the Haian arc of Vehetaivi. And during the cycle of Anakaron, also three thousand years, Ah‘shong raised up from the earth, a harvest of seven billion two hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms.

The third cycle was under the dominion of Hoo Le, surveyor of Kakayen‘sta in the arc of Gimmel, and his harvest was three billion seven hundred million.

The fourth cycle was under C‘pe Aban, Chieftainess of Sulgoweron in the arc of Yan, and her harvest was four billion eight hundred million.

The fifth cycle was under Pathodices, road-maker in Chitivya in the arc of Yahomitak, and his harvest was six billion four hundred million.

The sixth cycle was under Goemagak, God of Iseg, in the arc of Somgwothga, and his harvest was seven billion nine hundred million.

The seventh cycle was under Goepens, God of Kaim, in the arc of Srivat, and his harvest was nine billion three hundred million.

The eighth cycle was under Hycis, Goddess of Ruts, in the arc of Hohamagollak, and her harvest was nine billion four hundred million.

The ninth cycle was under See‘itcicius, inspector of roads in Kammatra, in the arc of Jusyin, and his harvest was ten billion one hundred million.

The tenth cycle was under Miscelitivi, Chieftainess of the arches of Lawzgowbak, in the arc of Nu, and her harvest was ten billion eight hundred million.

Accordingly the eleventh cycle, which was under Gobath, God of Tirongothaga, in the arc of Su‘le, brought forth a harvest of six billion seven hundred million.

The twelfth cycle was under F‘aiyis, Goddess of Looga, in the arc of Siyan, and her harvest was two billion six hundred million.

The thirteenth cycle was under Zineathaes, keeper of the Cross, in the arc of Oleganaya, and his harvest was one billion two hundred million.

The fourteenth cycle was under Tothsentaga, road-maker in Hapanogos, in the arc of Manechu, and his harvest was only six hundred million.

The fifteenth cycle was under Nimeas, God of Thosgothamachus, in the arc of Seigga, and his harvest was only forty million.

The sixteenth cycle was under Neph, God of Sogghonnes, in the arc of Arbroohk, but he failed to bring forth any harvest.