The Tower of Babbel

And when he died, his son succeeded in the same way; and, because of this truth, the Lord called all of them by the sacred name, Tah, the order of which continued for a hundred generations. And it came to pass that the I‘hins filled the country far and near with cities; and yet, in all that time, they killed nothing that had been created alive to breathe, on the earth, or in the water, or in the air above.

In the early days of the I‘hins, the Lord spoke through the chief prophet, saying: When the inhabitants of one city or tribe marry with those of another city or tribe, behold, it is only just that the names of father and mother be given to the offspring.

But men were in darkness in those days, and did not understand God. So, accordingly, the inhabitants combined the names belonging to the neighboring tribes. That is to say, one tribe said, ut (wheat); another tribe for the same thing, said, yat; and another tribe said, wat; and another, hoot; and so on. So, the later generations said, utyatwathoot (wheat), and this was called the Yi-ha language; and so great were the number and the size of words used, that the writings of the ancient prophets were lost, because none could understand them.

The Lord spoke, saying: Because I desired to preserve the genealogy of my chosen, you have applied the law to things that are worthless in my sight. You have built a babble [babel; i.e., bah‘bah‘i –Ed.], a tower of words, so that your tongues are confounded one with another. You strove to reach to heaven with a multitude of words, but made food for hada (hades).

The Lord said: Come, now, into murdhan (sacred spirit communion), and I will deliver you. So the people sat in crescent, and the Lord came between the horns, saying: Behold, you are Tau,499 but I am the S‘ri (Spirit). My word shall stand against the entire world.500

Hear, then, the commandments of God (Hautot). Because you have built a tower of words, you are confounded. However I do not come in anger, but to deliver you. Neither will I write anymore, nor teach written words, for they are only folly, except to the learned.

By spoken words I will teach, and you shall repeat after me. And these shall be sacred words to the end of the world.

So the Lord taught orally in the temple, face to face with the people, and they learned the words and their meaning.

And those who learned the best, the Lord named Ritvij,501 because he made them teachers over others. The Lord said: Because you have confounded the language of the ancients, I will give you a new language, and it shall be vede [perfect –Ed.], against all my enemies; nor shall any man anymore meddle with the words I give.502